Dental Anaesthesiology

A Dental Anesthesiologist is a dentist who is specialized in the practice of anesthesiology for dental treatments. Anaesthesiology is the branch of dentistry (and medicine) involving the use of medications and other agents that create a reversible lack of awareness, blocking of pain and relieving of anxiety and stress for patients receiving dental treatments.

There is a major distinction between an anesthesiologist and an anesthetist. An anesthesiologist has a university degree in anaesthesiology whereas an anesthetist does not. An anesthetist is a nurse or technician trained to administer anesthetics.

A dental anaesthesiologist in Ontario must successfully complete a general dental degree and then a three-year post-graduate degree in dental anaesthesiology at an accredited university, and pass a speciality examination before being recognized and licensed as a specialist. Dental anaesthesiologists are trained to provide sedation or general anaesthesia and dental treatment for the estimated 30 to 40 percent of adults and children who prefer or need to be asleep during dental treatment.

Most dental anaesthesiologists provide dental treatment concurrently with providing anaesthesia. Some provide only the anaesthesia while another dentist provides the dental treatment.