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Workplace Culture: Moving your Dental Practice from Stressed to Blessed


9:30AM – 1:00PM


Course Outline:

Today’s’organizations, including dental practices, often lack “cultural intelligence” and awareness, despite well-intentioned cultural awareness initiatives. Dental office owners and managers set the pace for creating, defining and refining the workplace culture and establishing values that reflect the diversity of their patients and staff. Diversity extends beyond race or ethnicity, religion, culture or newcomer status to include factors such as geography, language, politics, gender, beliefs, economic status, abilities, skills and interests. A diverse workplace reflects our communities. Diversity intelligence, just like emotional intelligence, can be leveraged to enhance dental office culture, improve employee engagement, support patients and foster innovation. The concept of a dental practice culture encompasses many different characteristics of the business. Culture has visible components in the way that a dental office looks and how employees dress, but it really thrives in the attitudes of employees, in the setting of goals and in the communication of business values to patients, suppliers and staff.

The focus of this lecture is on providing dental professionals with strategic diversity insight necessary to create a practice culture based on understanding and engaging your patients and those you lead. That environment is one that values relationships, personal growth, positive reinforcement, and brainstorming  – a place where everyone’s ideas matter. This lecture helps dental professionals use diversity intelligence to improve their dental practice culture and success. People from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, sexes, ages have different approaches to communication, motivation and idea creation – by expanding your awareness of diversity, you can create as much opportunity for patients and staff to feel comfortable, cared for, empowered and respectful.

Learning Objectives:
This lecture will enable participants to understand what diversity really means and how diversity intelligence can be used create a dental office culture where people and performance thrive. More specifically, it will enable participants to enhance their diversity awareness and implement effective diversity programs in their dental practice for:

  • Improving the patient experience and attracting new patients
  • Providing better patient care
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention
  • Fostering problem-solving skills
  • Promoting organizational values more fully


March 5, 2021
9:30 am - 1:00 pm
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