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Contact us in case of a Dental Emergency. The line is open

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We have multiple opportunities to market your company, brand, or organization to the dental community in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

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The Ottawa Dental Society Mediation Committee can help resolve disputes between a patient and their dentist.

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Message from the President

Welcome to the Ottawa Dental Society!

I am humbled to join the illustrious group of dentists who have come before me! The collegiality and engagement of our members is what makes Ottawa such a great place to work in! The Ottawa Dental Society is one of the largest component societies of the Ontario Dental Association, run by an incredible group of volunteers and staff. We pride ourselves on supporting our members through advocacy, continuing education opportunities and social events, as well as engaging the public to provide optimal oral health to the Ottawa community.  As someone who has volunteered with the society for almost ten years, I have found it extremely rewarding to be able to connect with my colleagues and community members in a more meaningful capacity while also contributing to the betterment of the profession.

Since its inception 128 years ago, the Society has grown tremendously in its efforts to support its members, as well as inform the public on the importance of oral health. I am incredibly grateful to our members for their continued care and service, especially those participating in our Dental Emergency Service program.

Please do not hesitate to reach out at 613-523-3876 or


Dr. Neera Singal, DDS

Dr. Neera Singal | Ottawa Dental Society

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